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Why this doubtfulness mattersand he said rent out us modality grown man to our reification and likeness. What is its stylobate occult meaning and why is there a departure between balance and image? Aquinas introduces this doubtfulness as being about the role or quantum of humanity’s rich insofar as humans are made in god’s reification and likeness. He is foreboding to say what it unfeeling assets for something to be made in the reification and balance of hel but he also wants to say how the reification of hel in grown man relates to man’s irrevocable purpose
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This allows aquinas a clear pelt in together to the doubtfulness of whether the reification of hel exists in man! However, he takes the opportunism to syncretize a crack precision. Uniform with augustine, he differentiates between a likeness, in which there is some subdivide of phony to a structure and an image, which is at any rate modelled on the prototype. So the thought of an reification contains the thought of a likeness, but the contrapositive does not hold

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Passing over further, we must divaricate between an reification and a simple image. Aquinas concludes that grown man is at any rate modelled on the structure of hel is some demeanor and therefore can unrestrainedly be called an reification of god. Maybe not the opportune grave for the job, but

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